The Power of Spices and Herbs!

So technically spices and herbs are veggies in a dried up, crushed or shredded form. They contain millions of healthy antioxidants, flavors and are known to heal the body with things like Alzheimer’s to cancer! Plus they are calorie free!!! So add them to everything and have some fun. YAY

  • Oregano : Contains six macronutrients of vitamin K, which is bone building and tons of antioxidants. This little herb can also help with the stomach flu, so next time your tummy is hurting put a little in your soup. 🙂


  • Sage : Helps with sore throats and also helps with memory.


  • Curry Powder : Very anti-inflammatory is shown to protect against cancers such as breast cancer, colon and stomach cancer! Put it on your meats, soups and veggies.


  • Parsley : Another one that prevents cancer… did I mention you should add spices to everything? lol. Clears toxins in the body and helps with water retention. Also helps with PMS ladies!


  • Rosemary : Helps with heterocyclic amines… your probably asking “what the hell is that?!” .. They are free radicals that can cause cancer from cooking with a too high of a temperature when grilling and sautéing foods. Add some rosemary before you slap it on the grill and you’ll be better off since rosemary prevents the formation of these little suckers. 😛 Also helps with memory and mental alertness so next time you have to cram for a big test, put some on your salmon for dinner and you’ll be set!


  • Cinnamon : Helps with blood sugar level, helps you metabolize glucose better and helps with hunger pains. Also can help with heart disease and diabetes too! I add cinnamon to all kind of stuff! Toast, oatmeal, coffee, in my almond butter.. you name it.. I love it!


  • Nutmeg : Can prevent cavities! But also can help with anxiety, digestion and can help prevent wrinkles too!  Put it in coffee, add it to some chili.. YUM.


  • Cumin : Tons of Iron in this little spice! Helps boost immune system so you’ll be less likely to get sick, boost your brain power and help with energy level.


  • Cayenne Pepper : Put it in any Mexican dish to spice it up, put it in hummus or some chili. This spice and warm you up in the winter and rev up your metabolism to burn some extra calories!


  • Ginger : Add to muffins, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, and even ice cream. This can help with an upset stomach, help people pay attention better, help with memory and can also help  with muscle pain.


  • Turmeric : Works as an anti- inflammatory agent as well. Reduces toxins and helps with any kind of joint pain you might have.


  • Basil : I love me some pesto! But its known to booth the cardiovascular system, helps with headaches, fevers and calms nervousness.


  • Thyme : can help with anti-aging and heart health, put it in your tea in the mornings 🙂


  • Saffron : This is a very good spice if your depressed because it helps as an anti-depression like Prozac does. You can put it in rice dishes and pastas.


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