Protein Powder! (How to Pick the Best One)

protein 3  So.. Protein powders are everywhere. Its most commonly known to be a building block for building long, lean muscles but they have all different kinds out there. Ones made specially for men and women, ones geared toward building muscle, meal replacements, nutrition, and ones for people with food intolerances. So how do you know which one to buy? Realistically to build muscle or even loose body fat you need to ideally keep protein intake high. Whether your consuming foods that are naturally high in protein (i.e. meats, dairy, eggs and even things like potatoes and rice) or your getting a lot of your protein from powders the good thing is that your getting a good amount and from a good source. Here are some things to look for when purchasing protein powders:

protein 1

  • Is it a “Protein Powder” or is it a “Mass Grainer” – a Mass Grainer is a protein powder that also contains carbs, fats and protein. Whereas, Protein Powders are just strictly protein. And even though you want those nutrients in your diet, if you’re just shooting for more protein than the powders are the way to go that way you avoid unwanted calories and any weight gain. If your looking for more of a meal replacement or to add weight…the Mass Grainer is a way to go.

When picking out a powder look for:

  • High Protein (around 20-30 or more grams)
  • Low Carb – (no more than 5 grams)
  • Low Fat – (No more than 5 grams)
  • Shoot for the lowest sugar you can find.
  • Look for Quality- Always look at the label when picking out a protein and look for ones with the fewest amount of ingredients (this ideally goes for any food too)  Also look for ones with natural ingredients too. . . if you cant pronounce it… its probably not the best bet… just saying.
  • Don’t get suckered in – Don’t believe everything it says on the bottle. Do your own research. Just because one says “Build maximum Muscle with this!” doesn’t mean its the one to choose. Companies like to put things on products so you buy them (this also goes for foods). Look at the brand, its it one that’s popular? What are they known for ? How reliable are they? Have you had success with any of their other products? Compare ingredients to another Protein powder. And look at the companies track record, how long have they been in business? Do they have good reviews?
  • Concentrate, Isolate or casein. – Concentrate is absorbed at a slower pace. This type is good to have in between meals. Isolate- Whey)  Is pretty much absorbed right away, good for right after a workout. Casein – takes longer to digest and has a constant flow of amino acids.

Some of the most popular include:

Syntha- 6




Sunwarrior (Vegan)


Gold Standard Whey


Vega Protein (Vegan)


Zero Carb Isopure


Jay Robb ( I like the egg white kind- but he has a whey one too)

jay robb

BSN True-Mass


Plant Fusion (Vegan)


* If ya’ll find another good one, feel free to add on comments below. =)

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