Workouts #2 (Back, Biceps, Shoulders) Competition Prep (MONTH 1 )


So as you guys know, I’m training for my first fitness competition! So excited/nervous haha! This is one of my workouts I do on top of an hour or cardio. This usually takes me around an hour to complete too. (meaning 2 hrs total) Try to have minimal rest time between everything too.

You will see a basic workouts and then in italics you’ll see a cardio move. The cardio move is in between each set.  You can do any form of cadio for the 30 seconds, some of my favs include:

  • Jump Rope
  • Kettle bell Swings
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climbers (on the floor or in an incline)
  • Jump Squats
  • Step Ups
  • Running in Place

Workout                                                                                                                             Sets X Reps          

1. Lat Pulldown                                                                                                                  3 X 9-11

(Wide pull, Underhand pull and Overhand pull )

Cardio acceleration 30s

2. Cable Face Pulls w/ Rope                                                                                           3 X 12-15

Cardio acceleration 30s

3. Rows                                                                                                                               3 X 12-15

Cardio acceleration 30s

4. DB/ KB Swings                                                                                                                8R X 20s (10s Rest)

5.Preacher Curls                                                                                                                3 X 9-11

Cardio acceleration 30s

6. Cable Rope Hammer Curls                                                                                          3 X 12-15

Cardio acceleration 30s

7. Step Ups                                                                                                                          8R X 20s (10s Rest)

8. Overhead Press with Squat                                                                                         3 X 9-11

Cardio acceleration 30s

9. Standing Military Press                                                                                                  3 X 12- 15

Cardio acceleration 30s

10. Bosu’ Mountain Climbers                                                                                           8R X 20s (10s Rest)

11.Incline Barbell Curls                                                                                                     3 X 12-15

Cardio acceleration 30s


Reps are the number of times you do the exercise. Example 9 to 11 reps, so lifting 9 to 11 times.

Sets are the number of times you complete the rep. So 3 “sets” of 9-11 “reps”

s = seconds

8R x20s   = 8 rounds (do 8 times) for 20 seconds with only 10 seconds of rest

MB = medicine ball.

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