Are Frozen Dinners Healthy?


So when you look at frozen foods, you may think they are healthy just because they say low-fat, or it may even be the fact they  are made by a big company that  specializes in “diet foods”. Example: Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, Kashi, Healthy Choice …ect.  But are they really all that healthy for you? Im going to kind of de-bunk the goods and bads and even give you a list of the top “healthier” ones.

The good side of Frozen Dinners and Meals:

  • Portion control is a good thing when it comes to weight loss or even managing a healthy weight. Since its already a pre-made meal, the proportion part is already figured out for you.
  • Since it does have proper proportion sizes this may be a way to learn the correct amounts of food were supposed to be eating.
  • Simple and easy for when your in a bind, or a rush to get to work or wherever. But in all reality, you should have time to prepare some meals if you have some form of free time … I like to prepare meals for like 2-3 days in advance so I don’t have the “I don’t have time” excuse. . . . if I want to watch a show on TV or something, I’ll cook during it and check my food during the commercial breaks.


The bad side of Frozen Dinners and Meals:

  • Sodium … OMG… Lets talk about a little meal with your salt. One meal can contain up to 1900mg alone where out daily value is around 2300mg per whole day! This is one of the MAIN reasons I try to stay far away because its hard to find good ones with low sodium. Every once in a while Ill treat myself to one, but very rarely.
  • People tend to think they are SUPER nutritious just because it says Lean Cuisine or whatever…. umm no! .. 1. you barley get any fruits and veggies in frozen meals, and if there are veggies it usually is in some kind of sauce and its not even close to the daily amount your supposed to get. 2. like I said before, 1 meal is usually half of your sodium your supposed to get in a day. 3. They usually don’t have enough calories to sustain you for the day. An average meal is about 300 cal…. so if al you ate was 3 frozen meals that would only be 900 calories a day. that’s not enough to keep you energized and your metabolism will slow down.
  • If you  look at the “other ingredients” on the label and couldn’t understand what they are… RUN! .. there are so many meals out there with a shit load of chemicals and preservatives just so the food doesn’t go bad…. if your going to get meals to “be healthy” don’t just go for what’s cheap, go for health.. look for organic, lots of veggies, lean protein and a good carb, like brown rice or quinoa.


Good meals to choose if you have to have a frozen meal:

….. Now what’s really your best option is when your making dinner, make a couple extra chicken breasts (or whatever your cooking) and maybe bake a couple extra sweet potatoes and voila! you have some extra meals… but… if you cant do that.. for some reason, or run out of your “extra meals” you made, here are some ok meals to buy and eat when in a time crunch.

  • Amy’s Bistro Veggie Burger.

3g fat.  110 cal. 330mg sodium and 5g protein.

  • Artisan Bistro Wild Alaskan Salmon .

18 g protein!   135 mg sodium. 280 cal.  6g fat.

  • Lean Cuisine Sundried Tomato Pesto Chicken.

270 cal. 9g fat. 570 sodium . 18g protein

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken by Kashi

all natural. 18 g protein . 320 cal. 380mg sodium.

I really like Amy’s Brand… but look for

High protein

Low Sodium

a decent amount of calories (200-500)

and low fat.

Stay clear away from hydrogenated oils, trans fats, anything you cant pronounce and look for veggies, veggies and more veggies!!


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