Reverse Diet (what is it? w/ personal update yo!)


So I suck…. at updates lmao.

So were just do one big update while also explaining what metabolic damage is, how its common and what we do to fix this!

So basically end of August, Peek week this was what I was working with:

137.5 lbs, 35 in hips/ 25in waist                 1070cal, 23f, 37c, 159p    50Min Cardio.

Now, I know many girls are going to look at that calorie amount and be like “oh that’s close to mine”, or even worse, “that’s enough food”…NO IT IS NOT! (yes its enough to get by…. but its impossible to live off it for long ok) If Im going to be in this industry, make any impact, inspire or whatever you want to call it …. I want it to be clear that CALORIES are good, you want them damnit. Okay, now we got that cleared up!!! ONWARD!

Last years show (Oct 2014) my stage weight was 125lbs  34hips/24waist  with about the same amount of calories. So what does this show us?

With years and years of dieting, yoyo-ing and even being healthy in general has caused my metabolism to slow. This is hugely common among people who diet, (hence why older people always say its harder to lose once you hit (enter age here)) .. Its because their bodies have adapted to everything they have tried, or another word that we hear a lot is plateau.

Yes I had hit a plateau at 1000 calories again AND I weight more! This is when people usually say fuck it and like I did last show (binge) or worse give up. … Since I’m not a quitter lol, I’m actually pretty stubborn yet driven and hard headed ( yes I know 😛 )  I did pretty good after this last show with my post show meal. My weight jumped up to 144 and have kind of just stabilized there.. Jumping back and forth between 148 to 143 depending on the changes I make weekly..  But I have good news! I have stabilized there yes, I am content with it because I’ve come to realize that you may just have to gain a little weight to fix this .. so quit being a little cry baby, learn to embrace your curve and just roll with it because your kind of stuck otherwise lol.

Last year vs. this year

last year: … can I just say that even though that middle pic is a shitty quality, my ass looks nice in the mirror! BAHAHA. #hadto

wpid-screenshot_2015-10-08-14-12-24.pngwpid-screenshot_2015-10-08-14-11-13.png wpid-screenshot_2015-10-08-14-07-24.png

this year:

wpid-screenshot_2015-10-08-14-08-01.png wpid-screenshot_2015-10-08-14-07-10.png

Its ok, you can agree I looked a little better the 1st time around , or maybe just a little softer is a better way of putting that. …and just to be clear, I know I’m beautiful at any weight as well y’all (I’ve actually joked with my mother on about that) …. I’ve gotten a few messages from people thinking I don’t.. which isn’t my intention to ever sound like I don’t feel and/or know I am beautiful. We all are. =)

so any who! back to it shall we?! …… lol

wpid-photogrid_1444317568015.jpg     wpid-photogrid_1443706921358.jpg

Through the past month of some splurging after my show, ( duh .. I went to Snooze for the first time!! OMG YUM) With sticking to the plan with a few cheats here and there ( hence my decision to document the progress to help hold myself accountable) im actually doing pretty good now! And this time around for that matter!

So far within the past month basically ive been at 146ish ..So not losing ( oh and its ok if this isn’t always the MAIN goal too ;P )  but not gaining too much either WHILE increasing calories and decreasing cardio. WHOOO! I think ill take less cardio at this point now because this is what I’ve GAINED..along with learning to love and trust the process.

1464cal, 31f, (44f on rest day) 136c, 166p          36hips/26 waist 25min cardio

( ahem, the math :    Calories:394   Fat: 8   Carbs: 100   Pro: 7   BOOM!

Now I know your looking at that and thinking that’s still not much … 1. its a SLOW process ( guess the longer you diet, longer the process it can be) and 2. umm 8g fat is a whole tbsp. of PB people! (hence why I’m ok with rest day! bahah) And the carbs! NOM NOM .. I’m such a foodie lol.

wpid-snapchat-2588736292493555922.jpg  wpid-snapchat-9009415124030749202.jpg  wpid-snapchat-8640638064513872517.jpg

So basically that’s what it is, dieting for a long amount of time, lowering calories too low and dying in the process hahaha,but like every side to a coin, you live and learn and realize there are things in life, that yes, will take time, but will be Oh SO worth it! #shesgettinghergrooveback

wpid-snapchat-8950764946369107873.jpg BTW, this is Ruby, I’m sure I’ve mentioned her before… were buddies 🙂

ps. I’m currently working on setting up a liability waiver and programs for those of you who have been enquiring. :*