Ask me Anything!

Tips on starting out a healthy lifestyle?
Easy Steps toward a healthier Lifestyle

How can I sooth foot pain from walking?
HELP! I’m not used to working out and my feet hurt.

Healthy Eating Costs too much!
Eat Healthy and SAVE money!

How can I speed up my metabolism?
How to get a Faster Metabolism!

How to Meal Prep!
Meal Prep 101

UPDATE: OMG Life is Hectic!

13 responses to “Ask me Anything!

  1. On the workouts 1 & 2 for the months are those to be done one each of each per week? So, only 2 workouts a week or do each 2 times a week for 4 total?

    • Hey! Sorry I took me a minute to get back to you. Ok so cardio for around 30-1 hr every day. (Usually longer cardio on days your not doing weights.. and less cardio on the days you are lifting weights). For 1 and two I would go back to back with them and slowly increasing weight as my body adapted. So something along these lines…
      Sunday: (rest day) maybe light 30 min jog.
      Mon: cardio and workout 1
      Tues: cardio and woekout 2
      Wedns: cardio , 1 hour.
      Thurs: cardio and workout 1
      Friday: cardio and workout 2
      Sat : hour cardio

      You can mix it up or if you see your arms starting to get super toned then do more legs etc.
      But everyweek make sure you write down the weight you ised durring each set, it should be going up by the 2nd week. πŸ™‚ hope this helps.

  2. I’ve been working on a healthier lifestyle (food choices, cardio, weights, hiking, 5Ks, etc.) since last July. Eating the right foods has always been the hardest part for me. What is your take on protein bars? They’re not a “natural” food, and I know many are filled with poor nutrients, but are they all bad? I started eating Think Thin High Protein Bars as a mid-morning snack. If these are a bad choice, is there a better option?

    Thank you for any guidance!

    • Hey! Not all protein bars are bad you just don’t want to rely on them basically. You ideally want to stick with whole foods as much as possible. Think thin aren’t bad but they are higher in carbs with very little fiber.. . So they would make a good morning or mid afternoon snack. Not night.
      Other good ones I like are quest, vicory, and power crunch. I did do a post on healthy protein bars with the good and bad side of each one. I think it was in sept. :)hope this helps.

    • No im looking into going back to school this weekend for more of nutrition counseling and holistic health. ill hopefully be working on getting my PT cert too. Its a work inn progress lol

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