Running Outside Vs. on a Treadmill
Do heavy weights make you “bulk up” ?
Why I try my best to workout in the mornings!
Benefits of Yoga
How to get a Faster Metabolism!
My Color Run Experiance
Too Sick to Workout???
You can get paid to lose weight! ………….What?!?!
Sore Muscles???
Don’t loose your Motivation on Vacation!
Abs Workout #1
Abs Workout #2
Booty Workout #1
Booty Workout #2
Treadmill Workout #1 (15 min)
Stair Master Workout
Leg workout # 1
Chest and Back Workout #1
Fun Cardio Workout #1
Shoulder and Arm Workout #1
Biceps and Triceps Workout
Tone all over Workout!
Pilates Workout #1
Yoga Workout #1
Resistance Band Workout

Competition Prep Workouts
Workout #1 (Chest, Legs, Abs, Triceps) Competition Prep
Workouts #2 (Back, Biceps, Shoulders) Competition Prep (MONTH 1 )
Workout #1(Chest, Triceps, Abs (multi-joint)) Competition Prep (Month 2)
Workout #2 (Shoulders, Legs, Calves (multi-joint)) Competition Prep (Month 2)

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