Getting Started: Living a Healthy Lifestyle!

Don’t know where to start? Hopefully this will help! Looking forward to covering everything from the basics, nutrition, fitness and even when your out and about living your everyday life. Its easier than you may think, just have to have the right mindset!!! Feel free to ask me questions, leave comments or even ideas! We’re all in this together =)

Goal Setting 101
Simple ways to Clean up your Diet
Meal Prep 101
Pros and Cons of Cleanses and Detox
Simple tips to help you lose weight
Foods that boost immunity
How much should I eat? (portion control)
Stop making excuses
Whats going on Currently?
Keep a Food Journal! – How to
Be someone’s Inspiration
Start your day off with Protein!
My Everyday Grocery List!
Eat Healthy and SAVE money!
Saving more money at Grocery Store!
Bring on the WATER!!
How to Read Nutrition Labels
Clean Eating 101 – Its a Lifestyle not a Diet!
Basic Multivitamin (How to pick a good one)
Surviving the Holidays!
Looking for workouts? Look under the “fitness” tab!

Looking for meal plans? Look under “Meal Plan” Tab!

Also there are some GREAT tips under the “Tip if the Week” tab, which is added every Sunday!=)

If you want more complex and difficult workouts, look under fitness competition tab! Enjoy!

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