Master Motivation!

So I hear the “I don’t know how you have all this motivation” or “see now.. I could do it, if I could just get motivated.” all the time. Probably the number one thing I hear. So here are a few tips and tricks to keep you motivated or to get motivated. Find the ones that speak to you and jump on it! =) Remember, you have to be the one motivated, only you can make the choices you make.

  • Don’t me a pansy! You’re going to probably do something wrong, and your probably going to mess up a few times. That’s fine, but you must learn from that then. Nobody’s perfect and has it all figured out (even if they think they do). You have to be willing to mess up and willing to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Be positive, stop putting yourself down and find something you love about yourself.
  • Dare to dream big. Act like a child again where anything is possible, you never know
  • Don’t quit or give up with things get hard, if you fell off a horse would you just continue to lay there on the ground… No. So get back up and ride, you only get better at things when you keep doing them. Success could be just around the corner.
  • Train yourself to finish what you start, create dead lines for yourself (reasonable deadlines.)
  • Make wise food choices everyday. Do you only eat healthy when your “on a diet”??? if so your going about weight loss all wrong. Why not try to be healthy everyday, you have to look at it as a lifestyle change, not a diet.
  • Pace yourself. Small changes works for most, when you try to change too many things all at once, usually people get frustrated and quit before they even make or see any progress. Some people have the ..” go all out or go home” kind of approach.  Figure out what works for you and stick to it.

  • Celebrate small victories- say you lost 10 lbs. YAY, lets celebrate that. You should be very proud of yourself!!!- try not to celebrate with food because that “food” is usually junk food….. unless your weird like me and like to get an extra thing of hummus as a reward- true story. Maybe there was a cute shirt at the mall, get that instead. Or like I was saying earlier, I’m kinda weird and I make celebrating by adding and extra $20 that month to spend at Whole Foods since I cant shop their often lol, but I see that as a “Reward” or maybe I go get a cute new sports bra or another nutrition book hahha …. gosh I’m kinda a nerd huh….
  • Make a buddy! So I have this friend who has kind of been through my whole journey with me. (you might have seen her pics with me in The Color Run post- her name is Amanda… yeah.. were the Amanda Team) but we both have lost a lot of weight together and we keep each other at point. We workout together, tell each other if we’ve slipped up, but we both encourage each other to do our best. Find a buddy who you can do that with because I mean I can always talk to her about diet stuff and food.. and I know she doesn’t mind, where if I talk to some of my other friends about it, its not really their interest… so they don’t really want to talk about it.

  • Learn to ignore the people that are negative haha … There are people that are going to be proud, happy for you, keep rooting for you or even possibly want your help… Those kind of people are the best!! And there are going to be the people that don’t want to hear anything you have to say and then almost seem mad that you have decided to become healthy and just complain about how their life sucks and cant do anything to fix it.  I ignore those people (sometimes those people come around though… I was one of these people in the past, but I made a choice not to be, it is possible to change, the person has just got to be willing to do so)…
  • Get a calendar or planner! So if I didn’t schedule my workouts, and what I was going to eat all the time. I know I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Planning is key, not planning almost sets you up to fail. When planning meals (say you only cook for 2) make enough so that you have leftovers. If its healthy leftovers there is no reason you cant eat that for lunch or even the next dinner. Some people like to plan monthly, some like to plan every week. .. . what ever works.
  • Not going to lie, making this blog keeps me accountable. I would feel weird posting all this awesome stuff about health if I wasn’t taking part myself…. so therefore, I try to keep healthy…… People have even asked me why haven’t I posted in a while when I’m slacking…. yeah life gets busy, but find something that can keep you accountable. Even if it is just Facebook, find that buddy I was talking about.. tell each other your goals and plans. .
  • At times… its ok to get cracked out on coffee… we all understand those days. . . Just try not to make it too much of a habit.
  • SLEEP! people don’t realize this but sleeping and actually sleeping good plays a huge part in weight loss.  make sure you at least get 6-9 hours of sleep…
  • When you reach a goal, make a new one!!! Stop competing with others and start competing with yourself!!
  • Don’t hang onto your “Fat” clothes…. if you have no fat clothes the last thing your going to want to do is go buy a size bigger, so make a oath to yourself that whenever you go down a size, donate that size and never go back to it.
  • Visualize yourself the way you want to be. I know its hard too, if you have to cut out a picture of your face and put it over another picture of the body you wish to have, that might make it a little easier. the more weight you loose the easier it will be to visualize this on your own.
  • Recognize how far you’ve come with your weight. When we get frustrated with something, say its a plateau, we tend to not realize the progress we have made. Be sure to be proud of yourself for what you have done.

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  1. Brian Phelan said you may be a great blog resource for my new product the KoolClam.
    He is my step nephew. Would love to speak with you.

    Check out my FB site under @Orthothermic.

    Hope to talk to you soon,

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