Thoughts and much more.

Love Yourself, You’re Beautiful!
Life Lemonade!
Apps that Help you stay Fit!
Do heavy weights make you “bulk up” ?
My Color Run Experience
Foods that boost immunity
The #1 Weight Loss Secret!!!
My Nifty Salad Holder!!
Quick Update Everyone! FITNESS COMP!!!
How to Stop Overeating!
You can get paid to lose weight! ………….What?!?!
Reality weight loss shows inspire me …
Pros and Cons of Cleanses and Detox
Simple tips to help you lose weight
Sunwarrior Protein Powder Review
Do Juice Cleanses Work?
Surviving the Holidays!
Rachel Frederickson… Did The Biggest Loser go to far?
I was nominated for the Liebster Award!

Motivational Music!!!
Workout Jams! (Rock, Metal, Alternative)

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