UPDATE: OMG Life is Hectic!

Hey guys! Just a little update because I feel like I’ve been slacking on my blog (sorry about that). . . . But A LOT has been happening! In the midst of all the holidays to boot, here is what’s been going on ….. about a month ago I got a part time job at The Vitamin Shoppe (whooo! right up my ally right?!?) Super excited about that. And within that first month I got promoted to a full time position and as a mini manager basically. (go me)…

So I’m in the middle of leaving/ or basically stepping down at my other job (Bath and Body Works)  and still holding 2 jobs without driving myself nuts and wearing myself out.  With 12 hour days sometimes, 45- 55 hours a week can kill ya when you don’t have a day off for 2 weeks straight and your trying to keep a gym and blog schedule in tact.. as you can see a few things may have fallen off the wagon. . .

ALSO…..my trainer got transferred to another location, so therefore I have no trainer anymore and have been trying to do this competition training on my own. (been slacking at making it to the gym all the time … not even going to lie) Just the exhaustion from both jobs and running back and forth to the both of them has messed up my gym schedule for sure. I didn’t completely fall off the wagon with this but I have definitely pushed snooze a few times when my alarm goes off for me to go to the gym … haha. But another exciting thing … haven’t messed up on my eating and diet plans… … I actually decided to try out veganism for a while, and so far I feel amazing! I fall asleep better, wake up easier (usually right before my alarm now), my skin is practically clear again, my hair is shinier, my nails are actually growing?!?! (they never grow!) So that’s an awesome thing in my opinion. Cant wait to see how I feel after a month…

Evan (my boyfriend) is a hunter and eats meat like its his job.. haha but he is very supportive and is supportive of me with whatever I decide to do, which is helpful. I’m lucky to have him… =) We kinda complete each other with his manly man grilling and I’m over here with my “hippy salad” as he would call it hahah.  But all in all things are going good, just SUUUUUUUUUUPER BUSY!

So with that said, Ill try to get back to posting as often as I was. and I hope ya’ll are doing good as well!

Why I try my best to workout in the mornings!


Good Morning!

So I  get a lot of the “Ewe that’s so early! Why do you wake up so early to workout?” And….. this is why!

If I don’t, I just lay around in bed all morning, usually just flipping through channels and its probably one of the most un-motivating things ever! …. Then, when it’s time for me to actually get ready for work, and slower, I’m just not up for going to work either.

Also it clears my mind, wakes me up and puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. YAY endorphins!!! Plus I don’t have to go throughout my day thinking “Shoot, I need to get my workout in, when am I going to do that?” (mentally planning to go after work),,,, which honestly rarely happens because I just worked an 8 hr. shift and I’m pooped.. so I don’t want to go.

So needless to say.. just pack your gym bag and everything you need the night before.. and when your alarm goes off, get up and go. Don’t even give your brain time to think about it and change your mind. and sooner or later, it will start to become a habit and your naturally wake up at that time before your alarm clock goes off and you’ll look forward to the morning sweat! =)

Plus you wont have that guilt of not going throughout the day.