Fit2Fat2Fit Book Review


So a part of me loved this book, while another part of me found it unrealistic. Here is why…….

So what this book is about is a trainer (Drew Manning) decided to do something most trainers would never do, become fat. He spent his entire life surrounded by fitness and having a passion for it so he has always had a “good” physique. Therefore when training his clients, he never really understood that lack of drive to want to exercise nor did he understand the emotional state it can have on a person as well.

With realizing that he had never been there (fat that is) and never experienced what most of his clients experience he decided to spend 6 whole months with no exercise at all and to eat like that average American and gorge himself in the most unhealthy foods he can find leaving him to gain 75 pounds. In return he wanted to prove that is wasn’t as hard as everyone makes it and show himself, America and his clients that’s its possible to loose weight with the proper nutrition, drive, focus and exercise. Little did he know it would be a lot harder than he thought when he first embarked on this journey.

When he first started he created a little blog to hold himself accountable and to just track his progress, he didn’t think it would have blow up into what It did. His website is posted below if you’d like to look at it. Here he tracked his progress, what he ate, did and didn’t do. He also had his viewers pick a “meal” of choice for him to devour. Usually something ridiculous like 12 doughnuts… Just thinking about it gives me a stomachache.


So on his journey to “fat” he endured the lethargic feeling, the constantly being hungry stage (because he wasn’t getting proper nutrition), the not wanting to do anything, and the one thing I mainly remember is that he was taken back because he couldn’t keep up with his daughter anymore at the park and his wife was no longer ideally attracted to him. Yes she still loved him of course, but when it came time for relations, lets just say she would have rather not it seemed. As a trainer he always thought that “if you wanted something, you go for it” and that was it, he never realized that there may be other aspects to getting fit other than that actual “doing it” part. He didn’t realize how people looked at your when you were unhealthy nor did he particularly enjoy his trips to the grocery store to load up his cart with more and more un healthy foods like Zingers and Pringles. He got stares and some people avoided him all together.

After this 6 months, it was time to loose the weight he had gained. He went into his kitchen and purged every piece of unhealthy food into his garbage can to make it a fresh start. He had hidden foods through out the house as well so as he started purging some of his favorites, things started getting a little hard. So he was torn between his excitement to get back to the “old Drew” he once knew and loved and imagining life without Mountain Dew. So as he began his journey to fit, he made what he normally would have had before for breakfast. With the lack of caffeine and amount of food he was used to consuming he was experiencing hunger pains and headaches throughout the day.


The gym was intimidating to him now and he was exhausted by the end of his workout, that either he could barely do or barely finish. He mainly focused on food changes at first and then leading to the fitness part of it all. But he did it in the end and then appeared on talk shows and his local news.

Reason why I love it is because it takes a lot of courage to do something like that especially when you have a perfect body, why would you want to let it go. Also I liked his thoughts of finding out what its like to actually go through the whole weight loss journey by getting unfit. I like the fact that he struggled as well, because without struggle, the book would have been a bore and also it would have been very unrealistic.

What I didn’t like is that it was only for 6 months (a person who suffers from obesity has had these habits and emotional problems for probably most of their life) so therefore he didn’t really “grow accustomed to the lifestyle” all the way. Yes he was addicted to sugar and processed foods but the average Joe cant just flip a switch and eat perfect right off the bat. Also average people do not have the resources and knowledge to make those changes so fast and easily.

So all in all, yes I liked the book. At first I thought he came off as a pompous asshole so I was kind of turned off my his “if you want to be healthy just do it that’s all it takes ” approach and not digging deeper but once he started gaining the weight, you could see (or read through his writing) that he was experiencing the emotional aspects of it all. So towards the end when he became “fit” again, he was a little softer and more understanding, which is something every trainer should be.