Easy Steps toward a heathier lifestyle

So a co-worker of mine was asking for little steps on how to just get in the swing of living a healthier lifestyle. So… I came up with a few =) enjoy!

  1. Water, Water, Water! Drink it up! Your body thrives on the stuff! I used to be very bad about drinking water myself so I found this cool little idea on Pintrist and made one of these. (below picture)Now I will admit I felt silly carrying this around at the gym and to work.. but it helped .. another good idea to make sure you get enough  water and/or are able to keep track of it is to put 4 rubber bands around the bottom of your water bottle. After you finish one bottle move a rubber band to the top =)
  2. Keep a food journal. Try it for a month, every little thing that touches your mouth (even water and gum) write it down. People don’t realize how much food they actually eat until they have to write it down.. plus you’ll be less likely to feel ok that you binged on those cookies and would rather write that you only ate 3 instead of 8.
  3. Carry a pedometer (I like my FitBit) it tracks my steps, miles and calories I’ve burned, plus this little gadget can be a food log too and you can set up goals and everything. But if you don’t have the money or don’t want to get all fancy…. a regular ol’ pedometer will do just fine, aim for 1,o00 steps a day at least.
  4. Eat 5 -6 little meals a day rather than 3 large ones. I personally like to aim for 300-400 cal per meal a day because it keeps me feeling full without over doing it. 5 small meals at 300 cal = 1500 … which isn’t bad at all. Plus its shown that when you eat your meals this way, with the same amount distributed this way, your body releases less insulin which keeps blood sugar steady and helps control hunger pains.
  5. Find a buddy. Weather its online, a friend at the gym or just someone to talk to. It helps to have the encouragement from a friend to have someone you kind of feel accountable to. Think about it, your less likely to skip a workout if someone is going to ask you how it was or if they are waiting for you at the gym.
  6. Throw out you “fat” clothes. Give away any clothing that doesn’t fit, and that gives you an incentive to keep the weight off and plus have fun trying on clothes with your new figure!
  7. Downside the dinner plate. The smaller the plate the smaller the portions (which usually are too big to start with).
  8. Say no to seconds….. you don’t get seconds at restaurants do you? nope, why should you at home…. p.s restaurant servings are usually double so when you order it, automatically cut it in half and that usually is the “correct” proportion. Take the rest home with you, you’ll have lunch for tomorrow at work =)
  9. Pull out the Veggies! Fill yourself up with a veggie platter at parties before the actual meal .. ta-da! Save on some major calories there. (eat the water-rich foods like carrots, celery, baby tomatoes and zucchini)
  10. Prepare your proportions. A lot of people like the “100 cal packs”  why not make your own that are healthier than those prepackaged Oreos…. so next time you buy veggie sticks or even pretzels, look at the serving sizes. It says 18 sticks? Great. Buy the little snack sandwich bags and portion out each serving so then your not tempted to grab the bag when your watching TV or running late.
  11. Use oil instead of butter… but if your  craving some butter on toast, use Earth Balance. Its made with olive oil!
  12. Make 1/2 your plate veggies, 1/4 meat and 1/4 some kind of starch like rice or a baked potato (hold the gravy and toppings please)
  13. At best, eat at home. Then you know how your food is made, and what exactly it has in it (chances are, it will be healthier)
  14. Avoid foods with fake sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and fake dyes…. we don’t need it, our bodies don’t like it… its man made… do you really think you were meant to digest that crap? NO .. go for all natural (stevia is ok, its made from a plant)
  15. HAha, I have a personal problem with this…. but eat your food slowly and calmly. Enjoy it. Savor every bit of it. Your body will digest it better and it usually takes your brain about 20 min to finally tell yourself your full.
  16. Eat only when your truly hungry…. usually its a way of telling yourself your thirsty. (drink a glass of water, and wait 10 min, if your still hungry, yeah its usually ok to assume your actually hungry. ) Also, we eat out of boredom, nervousness, habit, frustration, stress the list continues…. truly listen to your body on whether or not your hungry or if you just saw a picture of a burger and you just want a burger now.
  17. STAY POSITIVE… this should probably be #1… ok I know I’m going to sound loony here, but the second I stopped putting myself down with the “I’m so fat” or “I cant loose weight” and I started seeing how awesome I really was.. the weight started falling off…. no joke! That’s what worked for me because I know how difficult this can be. I liked the way exercise made me feel and I felt more awake and had more energy.. so I was thinking “I feel awesome” and  “I rock, I’ve been to the gym every day this week!” and BOOM.. the change happened.
  18. Don’t use food as a “treat” …. sure you just lost 10 lbs, or you just got a new job promotion… everyone wants to celebrate with fricking food! … go out and buy a new purse or new shoes.. or something OTHER than food. Your not a dog, don’t reward yourself with food damnit!
  19. Use spices galore! The have 0 cal and can make any meal amazing!
  20. Eat fruit as a desert, once you start eating healthier your taste buds will change, and the fruit will be really sweet
  21. Skip the escalator and elevator. Take the stairs!
  22. If they ask you about the proportion size… chances are the smaller one if the “correct” proportion…. there is no need for you to have anything super-sizes, biggie, or Jumbo’d … common now.
  23. Watch less TV an get out. I hear people talk about their favorite TV show all the time (I’m guilty of it too) I also hear people say they don’t have time to workout. .. Lets just put two and two together and leave it at that shall we?
  24. When you get a salad, order the dressing on the side. Dip your fork in the dressing and then hit the salad. BOOM! You just saved a lot of calories!
  25. Brush your teeth after dinner, I like to do the whitening strips too sometimes too…. who wants to ruin that beautiful smile with food after that?? Whooo!
  26. Umm…. sex burns calories and is a good workout…. enough said 😉
  27. When looking at labels on boxes of food, if it had more than 6-10 ingredients its ok, anymore than that.. probably should stay away. And if you cant pronounce half of them.. yeah not a good idea. Avoid the words hydrogenated, high fructose corn syrup, and dyes.
  28. Look for more the 2g of fiber in each 100 calories in your breads cereals and grains.
  29. Get enough sleep! Don’t wear out your body.. it doesn’t like it.
  30. and finally…. HAVE FUN! just be happy, the less stressed you are the better off you are =)

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