Saving more money at Grocery Store!

  1. Make a grocery list and stick to it! Even if something is calling your name… even if its on a good deal. Even though those chips you love are on sale … You don’t need them and they are NOT on your list! Don’t get them. sticking to your list can help with your diet and sticking to it and it can also help you save money!
  2. Plan your list around your meals for that week.. If you plan out your meals and what your planning to make for the whole week, you wont be tempted to buy the extra stuff…. planning is key if you haven’t noticed. I have this awesome app on my phone, it works as a grocery list planner and a meal planner so I know and can stay on track .. . I’m sure there are plenty of free ones online too if you Google search them too. . . =) The app I use is called Food on the table and its a little yellow icon.
  3. Look at your adds! I love Sprouts farmers market for produce, second choice Kings…. but things like cereal can be cheaper at Wal-Mart or Kings apposed to Sprouts.. So when you get to shopping, take a look at the prices and note where things tend to be cheaper for certain stuff… (with my app it shows me deals that are going on it local stores around me)
  4. Generic stuff is usually cheaper than the brand name stuff… most of its the same try it out.
  5. Use cash instead of your card, I know when I use my card I pay less attention to what I’m spending. Where as if I bring 80 bucks with me only to the store Ill make sure I only spend that much. Or also (I know King Soopers has it.. not sure out some of the other ones) They have a credit card for their store, the more you use it, the more point  and so on and so forth then you get free foods and coupons on things you buy regularly.
  6. Sure the pre-packaged items are cute and already in the smaller proportions sizes you should be eating… but chances are they are more expensive than if you were to buy the non pre-packaged stuff. So instead buy the whole package ad the small “snack size” plastic baggies and make your own “snacks”. The serving size is on the back of the bag- if it says 17 pretzels, put 17 pretzels in each bag.
  7. Some grocery stores will give you credit towards the store if you re-use your plastic bags or bring re-useable bags with you to the store.
  8. or clip coupons… every dollar counts. Also a lot of stores lets you “load” coupons onto your frequent shopper card online so when you get to the store they automatically come out when you pay.
  9. Watch your sales…. stores are really good at advertising things to make them “look” like they are on sale when usually they aren’t really that great of a deal (example: Gatorade, 10 for $10… well besides that , if there isn’t a deal, they usually are $1 anyways… so really 10 for $10 isn’t a deal at all. )
  10. Don’t shop hungry, and try to shop without your kids, then they wont be begging for things that 1. you don’t need and aren’t on your list (because you made a list.. right?!) and 2. it just goes a lot faster haha.

Eat Healthy and SAVE money

All the time I hear, if healthy food wasn’t so expensive, Id be able to eat more of it its just eating healthy costs so much. So here are some tips, pointers and a few realities that eating healthy isn’t as much as everyone thinks.

    • Shop at farmers markets of stores like Trader Joes, Sunflower Market or Sprouts for produce. They usually have more locally grown products so they are healthier since they haven’t traveled so far, as well as they are cheaper at these type of grocery stores.


    • As good as fresh fruits and veggies are for you, you could always stock up on frozen ones too. They usually are all ready for you to serve because they are chopped up, peeled and cleaned. And a lot of brands are coming out with organic varieties too now. 12oz of fresh blueberries are around $10 where as the same 12ox of frozen is around $7.
    • Stock up on things like Tomato Sauce. Yes it can make a great topper for pasta, but you can use it for many other things like adding it to rice, pouring on top of chicken or using it as a dipping sauce. Pasta sauce is usually around 70 cents per 1/2 cup (which is the serving size)
    • Potatoes are a good source of foliate, vitamin A, iron and potassium. Plus you usually can get a big bag of like 10 potatoes (sweet or regular) for $5.
    • Look for bulk sales. A bag (3-5 lb) of apples are about $4 where as if you get choosy, apples are about $1-2 bucks each. Also, Oranges are the same way. There are 4lb bags for about $5 ..making them .50 cents each. Or look at the bags that have a mix of both, I bet if you do the math, it will be a better deal.
    • As convenient as the pre-packaged oatmeal’s are, they usually are loaded with sugar and cost more than your basic plain rolled oats. They still cook in less than a minute and you can jazz it up any way you’d like. I do have a link to some great oatmeal ideas here:    Oatmeal 101 . I almost always have oatmeal in the morning, my go to its 1/2 cup oats mixed with 1/4 cup Flaxseed meal, Raisins, pinch of Cinnamon, 1 tbsp. Bee Pollen, Agave Nectar and a splash of Almond Milk.


    • So farm raised fish (especially salmon) isn’t the way to go, yes its usually about half the cost of wild but its been linked to cancer, other health problems and its filled with chemicals and pesticides. However, if you cant afford the fresh, wild salmon in a can is fairly  cheap.
    • Make your own deli meats. Instead of the pre-cut, thin-sliced meats for a sandwich, instead cook a turkey or chicken and pull it apart yourself. Plus you wont have all the sodium that deli meat has.
    • Cut coupons! Enough said lol
    • Instead of going shopping every other day that you want to cook, your going to spend money and buy things you didn’t plan out to buy. (trust me , we’ve all done it) . Instead plan out your weeks meals. That way you can make a budget for the week and wont go over any expenses you cant afford.
    • Grocery stores often put the highest priced items at eye level, and they also will put the “brand” name on the left and the “off brand name” to the right. Since we read from left to right, you’ll automatically look at the brand name -more expensive products first. So when your shopping the isles, make sure to look at top to bottom and stick to the right, they usually are the same item without the fancy name.
    • If you have kids, try to shop alone, then you wont have the kiddos begging for the snacks and treats.


    • I feel  like this is a no-brainer. Don’t shop when you’re hungry.
    • OK LETS NOT BE IDIOTS HERE….. . Yes a candy bar is $1..So is a big mac …. But it does NOTHING for you, or your body and it doesn’t fill you up at all! (and probably will make you feel like shit as well) You’ll want something else within the next 30 minutes.  Your body wants nutrients. Fruits and veggies are FULL of all the nutrients your body is craving. So eat the $1.50 apple instead, or actually buy something that will be beneficial and you’ll be fuller longer, hence why healthy eating isn’t really that expensive when you truly start to think about it.
    • Buy your produce when its in season. Hence the farmers markets are great for this.
    • Eat vegetarian once a week. Beans are probably the least expensive form of protein there is. Plus they are delicious! So stalk up. Beans last forever when they are in the can, plus they are easier that was too.
    • Plant your own garden. Seeds usually are about $1 for like a million little seeds. Plant it. Create a new hobby. =)