Life is hard to balance at times …… (14 and 13 weeks out update)

Oh my gosh guys! Sorry life is definitely busier than usual but I’ll try my best to keep it updated! haha.

Between the training, cooking, eating (all I feel like I do is eat btw haha), work and everything else it is all I can do to just come home and not pass out right away …

Now, if you have been following me on instagram, you’ll know that my weight keep fluctuating and this is something I personally find extremely annoying and I know I need to learn not to let it get to me. … with that being said its a good thing I take measurements now and pictures every week because that’s the only way I’m really seeing a difference. But its a good difference! =)

Week 3 (14 weeks out from show.)



Going into week 4 (13 weeks out from show)


hardest part so far? … cardio on those damn stairs.. I tell ya we have a love/hate relationship right now .. and cravings OMG… I just want a PB and J lol….


  • Gum – deserts
  • mints
  • sparkling water!!! – look for no sugar/sodium/ nothing…
  • tea
  • spices

ooh that  list looks sad lol.

OH also… I have the best boyfriend ever! we past 4 years on the 4th of july … he got me this!!

oh…so … beautiful….




Tip of the Week # 6 Tweet your Workouts!


Posting things, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Pinterist or even Instagram can  help you drop some pounds. There was a study in Carolina that showed people who posted about a good sweat or a workout were more likely to have a gradual weight loss.

I can see how this would help because it either keeps you on track, hold you accountable, and makes you feel good about yourself. I mean sure, there are probably people out there that are tiered of hearing about my many trips to the gym.. but I don’t give a shit haha. And if they do complain or something stupid (which .. if they are your friends.. they wont) delete them, you don’t need that negativity, and they are probably bummed they don’t have that drive. . . . haha as mean as that sounds.

I found something for me, I love it, and most people now come and ask for my help! (which I love!!) That’s the main reason I post!! That and I have like a million endorphins running through me at the time. =)

to POST AWAY! =) Pictures, quotes, status updates, motivation,  you name it!!!

(now you actually have to DO the workout too… haha cant just post and expect something to happen)

tweet1 tweet2