The #1 Weight Loss Secret!!!


What could it be????

If you guessed thinking positive you are correct my friends! I know this is going to sound like a hunk load of crap, but its sooo true its scary! And I know I’m going to sound like a lunatic and a crazy lady as well… Just hear me out..

So throughout my teenage years and through some adult years (and even still I catch myself having negative thoughts too), but I’ve always thought of myself as “fat” or “thick” or “on the bigger side” …Whatever you want to call it. I never thought of myself as fit, thin, confident, happy in my skin… you get the point. So the more I was unhappy with myself and thought all these horrible things about weight loss and such .. the more I gained weight… I’d think,” if I cant have A,B, and C foods this sucks, I hate this” (negative- negative- negative). Or “this is too hard, or I CANT do this” Any negative thought … it only made it worse (and of course you don’t realize this when your doing it…) Nothing positive came from me doubting myself, nothing came from me putting myself down, or belittling myself, or even just looking in the mirror and hating what I saw… NOTHING I TELL YOU!!!

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So, what happened? – I stopped focusing on weight, I stopped looking at going to the gym as a purpose for weight loss only, I focsed on how working out made me feel and how well I slept at night, and how much more energy I had. Don’t get me wrong, it took me a good 3-4 months till I even started seeing any results whatsoever, but I wasn’t in it for that by then, when the weight started dropping it was almost like a bonus to my new happy and energetic mood. Then the drive kicked in even more!!!

So when you are dreading a workout, or a new health meal plan, your basically sabotaging yourself from the start. Your already doubting yourself without even trying. Yes, it will be hard, but if you focus on even the end game your better off. Also, when you’re negative about ..anything for that matter… you are bringing you own mental psyche down, you’re creating a depressing mood with negative thoughts (you may not be depressed emotionally- but any negative thoughts are depressing if you think about it … ). Its un-motivating and tiring and its going to get you no where. Have you ever noticed the happiest people have everything going for them? And the people that are always down, are usually negative and everything that could go wrong, goes wrong? … Yes the positive people are going to have their hurdles, but they overcome them, life goes on. That’s almost how you have to start thinking, on the positive side.

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When you constantly think “I’m fat, I’m fat, I’m fat” your mind starts to believe it. Simply put, you can either talk yourself into doing something about it, or you can talk yourself out of it. You choose. And I hear people say, “But its the way I think, because I am fat” or something along those lines…. don’t focus on that, find something you love about yourself (at the time for me ..when I was around 200, it was my hair, my eyes and … not to be weird, but at the time -my big boobs haha) So I focused on something positive, then I’d loose some weight and then id be focused on how great I felt… YAY! So then I started focusing on that.. and the cycle of positivity continued. Now that I’m in the 140’s, I have no boobs anymore, they are tiny compared to what I’m used to, am I focusing on that I miss them? yeah, maybe a little haha, but I know they flatter my new body and THATS what I’m focused on, I’m focused on toning up now, and being fit rather than “sexy”. I focus on the energy I have in the mornings and the fact that I don’t really need to set an alarm to dread when it goes off at 6 am for the gym because I automatically wake up that that time … and I actually look forward to my workouts more. you have to make it a habit, and now-a-days I almost feel weird not getting my daily workout in. I feel drained and moody too…. Its weird but set mini goals for yourself, and make a goal to beat that goal.. you can do anything if you start believing in yourself and you look at the positive ways of life.

Even though I know I have a lot further to go, and I look forward to that journey, I’m very happy with where I am and I’m only looking forward =)

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