Don’t loose your Motivation on Vacation!


So just because this is supposed to be your “relaxing and calm” time to yourself or with the family doesn’t mean you can’t stay on track with your new and improved healthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, relax by all means but where ever you go I’m sure there will be plenty of fun activities you can do that will be  form of exercise so you wont feel like you’ve “fallen off the wagon” when you get back home.

You probably are going to plan some activities anyways, why not make them a fun workout too. =)

  • The Beach– Go for a nice sunrise/sun set run or even walk. Swimming. Paddle boarding. Swimming with dolphins. Deep sea diving, take a surfing lesson. Do some sunrise yoga. Set up a volleyball net and meet some new people. Frisbee. fishing (if allowed). Even building a sand castle will burn calories! Canoeing. Be a kid and go jump some waves.
  • The Mountains– Go for a hike, a run, or walk. Camping. Dirt biking. If its winter, Skiing, snowboarding or even sledding. Zip-lining. rock climbing. Canyoneering. (I like how I’m from Colorado and I can’t think of more….. LOL)
  • The City– Explore, walk, run, jog. If it’s a busy city they might have a race going on the week you’re there.


Explore online different things in the destination you choose that you and/or family could do the week of your vacation. There is a few sites out there that are geared toward more physical activity and you can usually narrow down what you want to do by location and how many people will be with you.

  • Adventure

Plan ahead and look at different resorts. Do you want a resort with a gym? a pool? Some resorts have classes you can even take.



So I think I figured out how to do Weight Watchers without paying for it!

And if any of you guys have done it, and some of my info is off or wrong, please correct me 🙂

A friend of mine has lost a lot of weight so I asked and she said Weight watchers…but she did it without paying for it….hmmmm (that sparked an interest)…. so, me being the person that I am, googled the hell out of it, and got a little help from her till I found what I wanted.

So here is what I’ve got so far from my million searches on the web.

So Weight Watchers (WW) isn’t about taking away all the foods you love, its not about only eating certain foods either. Their thing is all about moderation.. which can be good and can be bad. You definitely don’t want to have all the sweet foods in the world  “in moderation” because .. well .. that wont work.

So to start out your assigned daily points. The points all depend on your gender, age, weight, height, activity level and so on. Points can range anywhere from 18-51 I believe. Your food has a certain point level; for apple has 0 points, and a MC Donald’s Cheeseburger had 8 points. (most fruits and veggies are 0 points YAY) All the points are based on the nutritional value of the food itself with carb, protein, fat and so on.

So you keep a food journal, if you eat, drink or chew it… you log in in the journal, this will help you keep track of how many points you’ve used, and how many points you have for the rest of the day. Just make sure you stay in your daily target of X amount of points. I addition your daily points, you get what’s called Flex Points, which are 49 points you get a week to do with however your choose. Along with getting extra points if you exercise.. Sounds simple right?

  • So you may ask.. well how many points do I start out with?

Female – 2 points

Male- 8 points

If you are nursing –  start off with 12 points.

  • Next.. age.

Between 17-26 add 4 points

Between 27-37 add 3 points

Between 38-47 add 2 points

Between 48-57 add 1 point

Anyone after 57 add 0 points.

  • Next .. After you’ve added the first 2 together .. (I’m a female so I got 2 points + 24 yrs old 4 points = 6 points total)
  • Your going to figure out weight and height.

Take the first two numbers of your weight (I weigh 150, so I’m going to take 15 points add it to the total (making 15+6= 21 points so far.

  • Height

Under 5ft  add o points

Between  5’0- 5’9 add 1 point

Over 5’10 add 2 points

(therefore I’m 5’4 so I’m adding 1 point leaving me at 22 points.)

  • Lastly, activity level:

If you spend most of your day sitting down, add 0 points

Occasionally sitting but standing sometimes add 1 point

If you are walking most of the time add 4 points

If you are doing a lot of physical work – add 6 points.

(I walk a lot at work. so I added 4 points leaving me at 26 points total a day!)

I also found a calculator that will help you see how the points will be reduced as you loose the weight. (below)

Also .. say you don’t know how much points your lean cuisine has… I found a Weight Watchers scan calculator app on my phone, so I can scan it right there at the store and know how many points its worth.

Or there is this site as well, just enter the amounts of the food into the calculator and it will tell you how many points. (remember, this is per serving size. ex. on a loaf of bread it says 1 slice, the values on the nutritional label are only to standard for that 1 slice, not the whole loaf… don’t get too excited when it says 3 points because it means per slice)

I’m sure you can just Google a lot of stuff too and see how many points something is worth too…. yay Google lol.


Might try this out for a while, I  measured out my cereal this morning and my boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy haha but hey, I knew it was 4 points. . . . This is a little like calorie counting, without actually having to calorie count too. I hated calorie counting because of my past food issues it made me very rigid and paranoid when I personally did it so maybe this will be like my way of counting that will suit me. never know. . . . Plus I can get a couple cook books, use my app and this may be really easy. =)