Garcinia Cambogia


Some of you may know what this is, and some of you may be still trying to pronounce it. If you watch Dr. Oz, he recently did a show on this amazing little supplement. What is it you may ask ? Well, its made from a fruit (looks like a small pumpkin) and it comes from Indonesia, South Asia as well as Central Africa. The extract is known to help you feel fuller, thus helping appetite control and weight loss. Dr. Oz stated that with a clean diet and exercise, this extract could help someone loose up to 4 more pounds a month.

So the real question is … Does it work?

Well, its known to block fat and help as a appetite suppressant. HCA ( Hydrocitric Acid) is a natural extract that comes from the rind of the fruit and could speed up ones weight loss goals. How it suppresses your appetite, is it increases your serotonin levels which in return makes you feel good and happy ( like an anti-depressant medication would). Since most people have a hard time controlling their appetite and seem to over eat when stressed, depressed or even upset, since HCA increases serotonin your mood will be more inclined to be a positive one, thus making you not want to take out your emotions on food (like a lot of people do). Another thing, as you start to eat less your body will notice that and then start burning extra stored fat you may have on your body.


Along with a  cleaner diet and increased serotonin levels, you’ll start to feel good, you’ll notice more energy (coming from your food and from the supplement) so you’ll be more inclined to keep at your diet and fitness goals. (Note: this goes with any diet and exercise by the way… )

So is it safe? Yes it is in normal amounts and dosages. Be sure to ask your Dr. before taking it if you have diabetic medication and or Alzheimer’s … its been shown to lower blood sugar and make dementia even worse in some studies. Also don’t take when pregnant or breastfeeding.

How much? You can take anywhere between 500-1000 mg before each meal but they suggest no more than 3000 mg a day.

Like I said earlier, yes it may help but only with a clean and healthy diet along with some moderate exercise. There are no “magic pills” for weight loss in my mind but if this helps you get up and go along with some appetite supplement… this couldn’t really harm ya.


Tip of the week #1 : Wreack Havoc


I don’t know about you , but when we’re out to eat, and I’m full and I put my fork down….. I will sit there and pick at my food until the waiter comes and takes it away. Same with the bread basket or the chips and salsa. So my new motto is to ruin it. Once I’m done ( and if there isn’t enough to take home with me as another meal) I will ruin my dish.

And I know I’m going to hear, there are little children starving in third- world countries … but lets face it… my 2oz of left over spaghetti isn’t going to them, its going in the trash… ok.

So pour salt and pepper all over it, pout your water on it .. it works, and people will look at you funny but … who cares people look at me funny when I’m being just “me” lol  😛

Now if your out with other people and they want the extra bread, just put it on the other side of the table so then its not staring you in the face…. lol. Be considerate, but think about your health too. P.S. also when you start making these little changes you’ll get the “one breadstick isn’t going to kill you” line from your friends .. believe me I’VE EVEN SAID IT … but if my friend was allergic to it, I wouldn’t be trying to push it on them, look at it that way and maybe if your friend needs an explanation, explain it that way too… “I’m on a special diet and I intend to stick to it” .. most likely they will understand. 🙂