Avocado Turkey Burger

omg.. this this was HUGE and AMAZING lol …

We had a few friends over for Football Sunday and they all wanted to grill hot dogs and bratwursts .. so I made an amazing turkey burger I had to share with ya’ll!

First I just cut up a bunch of goodies!







Then I actually cheated and got Jenny-O pre-made Turkey burgers… haha


But …oohhh look at its amazingness!

I promise there IS a burger under those veggies hahahahah


I put like 1/2 an avocado on that one burger haaha … and the beauty of veggies you can add as much as you want!!!

On a whole wheat bun..of course ūüėČ


I also grilled some pineapple (which if you haven’t tried yet.. you should!)


How to pick a Healthier Bread


So there are like a bazillion different kinds of breads out there. Gluten-free, whole-wheat, oat, honey oat, white, potato, rye, sourdough, high-fiber, low cal, and the list could just continue. . . . .

So what the heck do I eat?!?! … Lets look into this.

  • If one of the first ingredients are “Enriched bleached flour” or “wheat flour” Stay away! (Its just a disguised word for white flour) ¬†So if it looks like its whole grain and brown or it even says Wheat bread, doesn’t ¬†mean its necessarily healthy. Even if it says multi-grain or 100% natural doesn’t mean its healthy either..¬†and rye isn’t necessarily the high fiber choice like you thought.. and don’t even get me started on white Wonder bread… if your eating that.. we are going to have some issues. . . . .

Now your super confused huh!

  • Look for “100% ” Whole Wheat. or 100% Whole Grain. Nothing less. Whole wheat isn’t good enough because its usually made with enriched wheat flour. Look at some labels next time your in the bread section at your local grocery store. You will be surprised how many bread have that ingredient listed as one of the first ingredients.
  • Why you want to shoot for whole grains is because they are naturally low in sugar, cholesterol and high in fiber.
  • Make sure you look at the serving sizes because one loaf will say “145 calories per slice” and some other ones will say “200 calories per 2 slices” make sure you do the math. Companies like to make it difficult when it comes to advertising.
  • Watch out for unhealthy fats such as : Trans fats, hydrogenated vegetable oil, vegetable oil shortening, partially hydrogenated oils.
  • Also stay away from high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, and high sugar.
  • When you go to buy bread squeeze it (don’t crush it! ) but if its super soft and too easy to crush.. its not the best choice, pick a denser bread, it will have more nutrients.

How to choose a good bread:

  1. look for 100% whole wheat (should be first ingredient)¬† AVOID “enriched flour” !!!!
  2. The shorter list of ingredients the better! (that usually goes with ALL food.)
  3. Try to get less than 200mg of sodium
  4. Shoot for 100 calories of less (per slice)
  5. look for high fiber, 3g or more!

Some good bread options:

  • Oroweat 100% Whole Grain
  • Oroweat Whole Grain + Flax
  • Natures Pride 100% Whole Wheat
  • Sara Lee Hearty and Delicious 100% Multi Grain
  • Arnold Sandwich Thins 100% whole wheat
  • Brownberry whole grain 100% Whole Wheat
  • Ezekiel¬† 4:9 organic sprouted 100% whole wheat
  • Rudis organic bakery- whole wheat 100%