Tip of the Week!

Tip of the week #1 Wreak Havoc
Tip of the Week #2 Stand or move around.
Tip of the Week #3 Ohh Coffee
Tip of the Week #4 Add an Incline, use momentum and explore!
Tip of the week #5 – Set Goals!
Tip of the Week # 6 Tweet your Workouts!
Tip Of the Week #7 : Sweat it Out!!
Tip oft he Week # 8 Portion Control
Tip of the week #9 Prep the week Ahead of time
Tip Of the Week # 10: Ginger Speeds Fat Loss!
Tip of the Week # 11 Play with Your Food
Tip of the Week #12 Eat 6 Smaller meals a day!
Tip of the Week #13 Eat more!
Tip of the Week #14 Pace Yourself
Tip of the Week #15 Grocery Shop after you Workout
Tip of the Week #16 Shop the outside Perimeter
Tip of The Week #17 Have some Patience!
Tip of the Week # 18: Quality vs. Quanitity
Tip of the Week #19: Get your beauty rest!

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